Oriental Life Insurance Cultural Development Center

Bulletin BoardLast updated : September, 7  2017

We are now accepting applications for OLIS 50th anniversary symposium.
Application deadline is June 30 and don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

  OLIS 2017 Spring was held successfully.
  The English version of  "Social Security of Asia<2>" (by Masanobu Masuda & Jung-Nim Kim) is available for offering. You can download it from Publications in this site. If you require the booklet, please click "Contact us" and complete the below onsite order form and forward us your request as well as your postal address, phone number, and your order purpose. The book is provided for free but the postage is charged  (delivery on C.O.D basis). The stock now is on limited.
  OLICD Center is only responsible for seminars reported in its website.Distribution of seminars information by any other party is not under our responsibility.